Sunday, October 13, 2013

Forgiveness Clarified: You'll Want To Know What It Isn't. These 7 False Beliefs Will Surprise You!

Our broken heart laments: "Why should I forgive?"

There are truly a lot of mistaken notions floating around trying to describe forgiveness. It is no wonder most people do not choose to work whole-heartedly at doing it!

True forgiveness, nonetheless, is highly desirable. It always renews a pleasing flow of inner peace and weightless joy into the mind and heart of everyone who fully and frequently does it. Why wouldn't anyone want this?

Let us remove any hindering objections by first getting a close look at seven things forgiveness is not.


1) Forgiveness Is Almost Never A Feeling

Never wait for the positive feeling to turn up. You drag yourself to work when you really don't prefer to, don't you? You stick with it for a paycheck or perhaps for professional goals.

Forgiving is no different. The "pay check" is the healing of our emotions and a fresh start to life; our "career goal" is becoming a better friend of the Lord!

Our Lord doesn't command us to eat. He is sure that we will! Our Lord instructs us to forgive, because He recognizes we will not normally wish to go after it.

2) Forgiveness Is Not Glossing Over The Wrong

Did you have training wheels with your bike? They really helped us get going in the beginning, but they became a hindrance as soon as we no longer had need of them.

Understating the actual harm which happened or the pain we suffered is a "training wheel" which helps us start heading along the journey of giving true mercy.

Eventually, some grievances turn up that just can't be glossed over. Genuine mercy identifies transgression as what it is-- and then gives it to God. Only then is our emotional health restored.

3) Forgiveness Is Not Holding On To The Memory

All those that fly a lot know what it feels like to become caught in a holding pattern, circling the airfield waiting for their plane's turn to land.

A injustice against us clutches our heart with a similar sort of "holding pattern." Our thoughts and feelings keep returning to it!

Jesus commands that we forgive thoroughly from the heart. As soon as this takes place our thoughts "settle down for a landing." All of the distress disappears! We actually become one with our God in His ability to forgive without remembrance!

4) Forgiveness Is Not Making Allowances For The Misdeed

There are always rationalizations for doing wrong but no excuses. Good reasons may help our understanding of why they acted the way they did--and gain compassion for them.

Our God clearly looks at the blend of hurt and ignorance out of which all morally wrong activity proceeds. This deeper understanding propels the Lord to feel compassion for us.

Even so, He never excuses or condones wickedness. He despises it. He opposes it. He "threw the book" at it at the cross of Christ. And by this way He made a way for us to become forgiven.

That was arduous work on God's part, yet making a way to love us freely was worth the suffering He had to undergo. Aren't you glad?

5) Forgiveness Is NOT A Reward For Good Efforts At Reconciliation

Whenever someone wrongs me, that makes him "the sinner." But if he sees it and attempts to make it up to me and I go on hating him that makes me the sinner! Why is that?

Justice requires that I forgive the one who sincerely shows penitence to me and wants to reconcile. This, however, is definitely not the forgiveness Christianity requires!

Our life in Christ is based on mercy, not justice based. We are called to forgive just like our Lord does. Christian forgiveness is a pure blessing of mercy that the guilty party need do nothing to merit.

6) Forgiveness Is NOT "Letting Them Off The Hook"

We appear to think we have a great butcher's hook in our heart where transgressors are put up to dry. Pardoning such people would be irresponsibly "letting them off the hook."

Just the opposite is true: we would be placing them into Father God's Hands. No one cares more about justice being restored than the God who calls for mercy.

By His kindness our Lord endeavors to bring everybody to repentance and restoration. He will work with every case of wrong we turn over to Him. So let Him have His go at it!

7) Forgiveness Is Not The Same as Trusting.

If a "pal" makes off with your best videos as he is leaving, you definitely don't have to ask him back! You are also allowed, at times ethically expected, to call the police and access the legal system.

But you must absolutely forgive. That is not an option. Forgiveness is commanded of us to release to each person in every situation. Nobody needs to be worthy of our forgiveness. Trust, however is different. Trust needs to be deserved.


Forgiveness is this: it is giving your wound, the individual and the grievance to God and trusting Him with it !

Sweep away these 7 myths that may be causing you to hold on to hurt when you ought to let it go. Renewed inner peace is waiting for you!

Release it all to God. And then breathe the heavenly air of freedom!