Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Benefits Of A Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awareness

In my last Hub "Real Power for Broken Lives Awakening the Spirit" the writer began to touch on having a spiritual awakening in this hub we will answer four questions that seem relevant since the writer is a Christian we feel that the issues of spiritual awakening needs not have stigma attached too it. We find that many Christians find the term taboo we will attempt to explain why they shouldn't. Second we will look at what is a spiritual awakening? Thrid we will look at why one might pursue a spiritual awakening? And last we will look at some of the benefits of a spiritual awakening?

"They that worship God must worship him in spirit and in truth."

This is what the teacher had to say he also told his disciples he would send the Holy Spirit which would lead in guide them in all truth and provide comfort. Jesus spent a lot of time talking about the oneness of him and the father this oneness should and could be perceive as being spiritual since spiritually is all about connecting with God and your fellow man. Since Jesus did not shy away from spiritual things and suggested he would send a spirit of comfort we fill that it ok for Christians to pursue a spiritual connection with God we are not talking about the inner self or any new age teaching we are writing about connecting with God as he is describe in the word of God.

What is a spiritual awakening you will find many answer to this question?

"Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment is the primary goal of almost all spiritual practices, traditions and religions and for any spiritual seeker. There are many names for this awakened state of Consciousness depending on what culture and tradition we belong to.
This page will be continuously updated with information and personal experiences about Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment."

This is one definition gathered thru research on a spiritual awakening but for the Christian or true believer this definition will and does not suffice because we are looking to connect with God's spirit with hope that the connection will do at least two things draw us closer to God and find out his will for our lives. Bonding with God is the real objective of any spiritual development we might desire as our spirit awakens through fellowship with God thru prayer and meditation we began to see the need for God and the benefits of him being near to us allows us to desire his will for our lives the awakenings fits us to be of service to God and our fellow man.

While one might pursue a spiritual awakening this question can be answered differently by each person so we have choose some reason that relate to our pursuit of a spiritual awakening.

Lack of power to overcome vices that where destroying our very existence was one reason we cried out the pain associated with bondage to and outside force that was sucking all of the live out of our being and the emptiness it created was just one reason we cried out. Hopelessness is another reason one might seek a spiritual awakening lose hope is like spiritual caner it spreads throughout the spirit of the victim and paralyses the sufferer to the point that he says what's the use there is no hope for me. Bitterness is another form of spiritual caner fueled by hate in lack of trust, we continue on destruction by telling ourselves I'll show them the more we show them the sicker we become spiritually, and as the spiritual malady sets in we allow this cycle of bitterness to rule our life. These are just a few others are anger, guilt and shame these coupled with despair and the list could go on and on we hope you have an ideal of the spiritual malady. If you can relate too some of things we have discuss as the reason one might pursue a spiritual awakening then you are a candidate for a life changing experience that will rejuvenate your life.

What are the benefits of a spiritual awakening?

The benefits of a spiritual awakening are numerous and will probably differ for each person but there are some basic rewards that we all share such as hope, love, and understanding these coupled with love joy peace and forgiveness are at the core of every spiritual experience. Not to mention honesty, integrity, discipline and faith, along with brotherly love happiness and a sense of purpose. We find ourselves useful again and have a strong desire to help others and to be help it's no longer us against the world. These are just a few of the rewards the main reward is the knowing of a rebirth we are reborn and we know it and we feel that others should know about our experience so they can join us on our spiritual journey.

In conclusion I hope something has been wrote that will give others that might find their selves and the grips of a spiritual malady a desire to seek a spiritual awakening which is basically a tool that teaches us to rely on God and the people he puts and our lives that offer us help because the can relate to the spiritual pain they see in us. Today we pray that God will make us useful and whole thru a spiritual encounter that will forever change our lives.

"Real Power for Broken Lives Awakening

William Jordan